Carnival Food & Packed Lunches

For many of us, August means the return of the State Fairs and Kid’s heading back to school.

This months recipes are going to be focused on great lunches your kids won’t think about trading. As well as those sinfully delicious carny foods that are hard to resist. Were making the child hood favorite corn dog, at home as well as the funnel cake. Don’t forget the fried pickles, and fried candybars. 

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This months recipe spotlight focus’s on red beans and rice. Cheep meatless dinner that is worth dusting off your crock pot for. 

Red Beans & Rice


Good-Bye Peanutbutter Sandwich

Packing your kids lunches has just become harder thanks to a multi-state ban on nut filled foods. Many schools across the nation have insitute the no peanut butter and nut product in there school regulations.  Do to the growing number of allergy ridden students who have experienced anaphalxis at school.

This may make packing a great lunch for your kid a little more difficult, but there are great number of things A child can eat other than plain old peanutbutter and jelly. Were going to focus on how to create nutrious and yummy lunches that your child won’t even dare to trade.

School Lunch Makeovers